These are the Lotto databases E.A.L is currently able to handle. More will be added at a later stage.

You are also now able to create your own databases using the E.A.L Lotto Database Builder.
This is included with the E.A.L Download

If the E.A.L Lotto Database your are currently seeking is not listed then have a look at Creative Idea #1
      S.A Lotto
      S.A Lotto Plus

Rugby 5
      Rugby 5

Soccer 10
      Soccer 10

Soccer 13
      Soccer 13

Soccer 6
      Champions League
      Champions League P1
      Champions League P2
      Euro 2008 P1 - P10
      International Soccer 6
      International P1
      International P2
      International P3
      International P4
      International P5
      International P6
      PSL Soccer 6
      PSL P1 Soccer 6
      PSL P2 Soccer 6
      UEFA CUP
      UEFA CUP P1
      UEFA CUP P2
      U.K Soccer 6
      U.K P1
      U.K P2
      U.K P3
      U.K P4
      U.K POOL1
      U.K POOL2

Soccer 4
      International Soccer 4
      International (P1) Soccer 4
      International (P2) Soccer 4
      International (P3) Soccer 4
      Pool (P1) Soccer 4
      PSL Soccer 4
      PSL (P1) Soccer 4
      U.K Soccer 4
      U.K (P1) Soccer 4
      U.K (P2) Soccer 4
      U.K Lotto
      U.K Lotto Plus 5
      Canada 6/49
      Atlantic 49
      Super 7
      Lotto Max
      Ontario 49
      Mega Millions
Lotto Scam Alert
If you do not have a ticket or did not enter, then how can it be that you have won?

Better yet, how did they find your E-Mail address?

Well it is all part of Internet scams where E-Mails are sent out to numerous people informing them they have won the Lotto, inherited money, or even asked for help in moving money between countries, etc.

This is all designed to extract information and money from unsuspecting individuals.
So please be watchful when receiving these types of E-Mails.

To find out more about Lotto and Internet Scams Click Here...