E.A.L User Database Builder
User Database Graphs

E.A.L User Database Builder

The Database graph represents numbers from the User Database List. If you click on a specific graph bar, basic statistics will be displayed for that Lotto Number as mentioned below. Also, if there have been any Lotto sequences with the relevant Lotto number in question, then the appropriate sequences will be highlighted in the User Database List.

Right clicking on the graph will open up a menu for you to select additional functionality.
See "Menu Items" below for more information.

Statistics Section
Located above the Database graph, basic statistics will be displayed for a specific Lotto ball as mentioned below.

Stats for...
This informs you which Lotto number is being referenced.

Total Occurrences
This informs you of how many times this Lotto number have been Selected/Used.
Menu Items

Menu Items
Organize Graph
This will organize the Database graph from Highest to Lowest hit rates. i.e. If 30 is the number with the highest hit rate, then it will be listed first.

Specific Balls
This will draw the Database graph displaying which Lotto Balls have been used as either Ball 1, Ball 2, Ball 3 etc.

Combination Search
This enables you to list and search for combinations that are present more than once. Great feature if you want to know if 5 or more numbers have already been selected.

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