E.A.L Lotto Database Builder
Check Winnings Setup

Check Winnings Setup

This page is to setup how the winnings are to be checked.
Basic Info

This is a Title to describe either the main E.A.L Lotto database, or to describe the Check Winnings info.

This is the cost to play one sequence/combination.
Please take note that one should not use any Commas or Spaces in this data field. However, one is allowed to use the Dot character to enter the small change values if any.
Example :: 20,200,123.25 should be entered as 20200123.25

Use this button to Set these values.
Winnings Divisions

Winnings Divisions
This will allow you to define how many winning divisions there are. To create the divisions please press the "Create" button to create and list them in the Divisions List.
With the South-African Lotto, there are 7 winning divisions.
With the EuroMillions Lotto, there are 12 winning divisions.

Divisions List
This list the divisions that have been created. Clicking on an entry will allow you to set the correct information for the divisions in the Selections Panel.
Selections Panel

This is to describe the currently selected winning division.

Selection Combo Boxes
This is where you are able to say how many numbers are required to win in a specific winnings division. Please load some E.A.L Lotto databases to get an idea about the selections. Use the "Assign" button to assign the values to the currently selected division.

The total amount of Combo Boxes will depend on information entered on the Main Lotto DBase Setup page.
Next Button

If you have successfully setup how the winnings are to be checked, please click on this button to proceed. Please make sure the data here is correct before proceeding.

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