Future E.A.L Developments

Many features still needs to be implemented into E.A.L.
Some Features still to be included:
Although SL4 included a Lotto Number Generator, future versions of E.A.L will try to develop something way better than this.

More features will most likely be included in future releases of the Lotto Database Download Manager.
Features and Plugins that have been added:
A Sums Analysis Display for user Databases.

An Even/Odd Analysis Display for user Databases.

A Matrix Offset Encoder/Decoder for user Databases.

An E.A.L Lotto Database Download Application/Interface.

More features have been developed and introduced regarding the Statistics Combinations search feature. But most importantly it is now much faster.

E.A.L is now capable of importing data from *.csv files.
How you can Help
If there are any features you want included in future releases of E.A.L, please let me know by stating the required feature, requirements, examples, etc. Contact info

Also remember that while E.A.L is fully functional with no features being disabled, registration will be most welcomed as resources are needed to make E.A.L even better. Register E.A.L

E.A.L Bugs
E.A.L consists out of many lines of code. This means that bugs might be present. If you do find any Errors or Bugs within E.A.L, please let me know as to correct it ASAP. Contact info

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