About Lotto Sums

Basically this means that the Winning Lotto Numbers have been added up to give you a sum value.

Taking the Winning Lotto Numbers for draw 1 :: 031221293848 (S.A Lotto)
Add up all numbers :: 03 + 12 + 21 + 29 + 38 + 48 = 151

As you will see the Bonus Ball 11 have not been taken into account,
thus the end result will be :: 151 + 11 = 162

You may be asking yourself the question :: Why even work with Sums? Well if you have an average Sum value, it may be useful to have a couple of Lotto numbers that add up to that Sum average. Or at the very least have Sum values between the Lowest and Highest Sum values, please see the Analysis Plugin/Addon to obtain these values.

A Sums calculator will most likely be included in Future E.A.L releases.

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