About Matrix Offsets

The correct term is actually "Lexicographical Order", but Matrix offset seems to be a more suitable term if you create a list of numbers as follow: 6/49 Table

Basically your chances of winning a 6/49 Lottery Jackpot is about 13,983,816 to 1. This in turn means that there is a maximum of 13,983,816 possible sequences/combinations one can create in a 6/49 Lotto.

Further Clarification
If you start at the beginning :: 010203040506 can be considered as sequence 1. And if you increment the last number to 07, then that can be considered and sequence 2 :: 010203040507

If you keep incrementing numbers this way, at the end you will have created 13,983,816 sequences/combinations. 444546474849 being the last sequence.

Example 1
Taking the Winning Lotto Numbers for draw 1 :: 031221293848 (S.A Lotto)
The Matrix Offset for that draw is :: 4,159,429.
A Matrix Offset Encoder/Decoder will most likely be included in Future E.A.L releases.

Example 2
Please take a look at the 6/49 Sample list.

You may be asking yourself the question :: Why even work with Matrix Offsets? Well if you take a Matrix Offset value and calculate additional Matrix Offsets using your original Matrix Offset, then you might increase your chances by playing around or within a certain Matrix Offset range.

Objective Example
Take the Matrix Offsets :: 12,000,000 13,000,000.
The Lotto numbers will be between :: 132633343540 and 172325293649.

Now if you use the Statistics Plugin/Addon and do a Matrix Offset search between 12,000,000 and 13,000,000 then you will see that many entries have been listed.

So, what what will happen when you Generate Lotto Numbers where the starting point is 12? Will that increase your chances of winning? Maybe it will. The Matrix offset 11,659,033 will give you 131415161718.

13,983,816 11,659,033 = 2,324,783 to 1 that you will win, but only if the Winning Lotto Numbers is greater than 12.

A Matrix Offset Encoder/Decoder will most likely be included in Future E.A.L releases.

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