Everything Still Costs the Same

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Everything seems to be costing more and more these days like food, clothing, housing etc. When in actuality everything costs the same as it did thousands of years ago. The problem is that our financial rules and regulations are flawed and should be reworked to reflect a more just society and system.

Let us take a basic example like growing one ton of tomatoes. The needed costs involved in growing said vegetable is a suitable growing medium like soil, adequate water, nutrients and sunshine on a regular basis. And that is basically the costs involved, as it is today so it would be thousands of years back.

Other examples is to examine the cost of housing. Does it not cost bricks, cement and other building materials? What about saving a life, do we not say that a life can be saved by this medicine or by that operation? When we communicate with people across the globe, have we not conquered the technique to send and receive information by means of technology.

Now you may bring up the financial cost involved, but let us face the fact that money is a man made concept and the physical universe does not grow, operate, or exist on this thing we call money. And since money is a man made concept as a means of control, then surely we the creators of such a system would be able to rework the rules and regulations to make it a more reasonable concept to sustain Billions of people hence forth.

Think about baking a cake, does anyone put money in a cake? No, the cost is the ingredients and following the recipe will produce the cake as the final product. Now if someone has an old cake recipe, does it somehow require you to include more flower, butter, or any other ingredient every decade as the recipe gets older to produce the same sized cake? No? So why do we support the concept of inflation, debt and other flawed monetary ideals? If we but redesign our banking systems, accounting rules and financial concepts then surely there will be more than enough for everyone to be happy and healthy.

And yet here we are paralyzed by fear to change our own creation called money. Would the Universe collapse if we change the concept of money? Would Gold suddenly drop an Electron, Proton, or Neutron? Would the Sun suddenly be eclipsed and bring forth eternal darkness? No, the result would be that we will uplift the spirits of many people across the globe by letting them feel part of society.

So how much does it cost to survive. Does it cost nutritional food on a regular basis like it was thousands of years back or does the human race survival truly depend 100% on the currently flawed concept of money? Ask this when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere after a natural disaster with little or no food, what would the cost be to survive - Food or Money?

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N.G van der Westhuizen is a software developer currently working on an Extremely Awesome Lotto database application.

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