Solving the World Economic Crisis: Part V
(Work in Progress)

This is a basic plan of action (Roadmap) from the current Monetary System towards a new system which is aimed at supporting and sustaining Billions of people currently living across the world and into future generations.

An additional explanation of what the new design entails at each level is as follow:

    Level 1
    Get the new system up and running.

    Level 2
    Separate the governments financial dependency from its citizens as well as initiating a basic financial rescue system should natural disasters occur.

    Level 3
    Initiate a full financial support system for infrastructure development and improvements utilizing the latest technology and design concepts as well as the implementation of a social grant to all citizens.

Phase 1 (Design)
Here we should plan and coordinate the roadmap forward. This would include getting all countries involved in the design of what needs to be done in setting up a new monetary system as the current system is failing us all.

Key implementations
  • Create the rules and regulations for the mode of operation regarding "Bank of Atlantis".
  • Create the terms and conditions for each Level of acceptance. (Levels 1, 2, 3)
  • Decide upon management structures for "Bank of Atlantis"
  • Select a host country of "Bank of Atlantis" as well the construction of an actual Bank Building.

Here are a few key points to remember:
  • We are the creators of financial rules and regulations, as such we are capable of changing economic and financial equations/calculations accordingly.
  • Computers do what we tell them what to do.
Phase 2 (Startup)
Get the new system up and running as well transferring the set amount to all countries who qualifies for Level 1 status.

Key implementations
  • The creation of a fictitious country (Atlantis)
  • Decide upon a currency exchange rate value.
  • Connect the "Bank of Atlantis" to the world banking system.
  • Initiate international wire transfers according to agreed upon amount. (Level 1)
Phase 3 (Control)
Here we would have to start locking fluctuating variables like currencies and commodities in an attempt to implement phase 4. This coincides with the implementation of new currency rules and regulations which states that the value of money cannot appreciate or depreciate no matter what happens in the country/world.

Key implementations
    All Countries
  • Implementation of currency rules and regulations as mentioned above.
  • Lock fluctuating variables like currencies and commodities.
  • Slowly level out currency exchange rates to a ratio of 1 to 1.
Phase 4 (Change)
Process and accept submissions from countries who wishes to advance to higher levels, as well as transferring the calculated amounts to all countries who qualified for Level 2 and Level 3 status.

Key implementations
    Bank of Atlantis
  • Process Level 2 and Level 3 applications and verify compliance.
  • Initiate international wire transfers according to calculated amounts. (All Levels)

  • Countries: Level 2
  • Remove all tax obligations from citizens.
  • Redefine the Revenue services method of operation. (if necessary)

  • Countries: Level 3
  • Remove all additional financial obligations from citizens.
  • Implementation of social grant system benefiting all citizens.
  • Improve infrastructure where needed with latest technology and design concepts.
  • Start paying off debt incurred using previous monetary system.
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Author Bio:
N.G van der Westhuizen is a software developer currently working on an Extremely Awesome Lotto database application.

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