Use Feng-Shui to attract Good Fortune

Feng-Shui is used to determine the flow of life energy called Ch'i. This flow of ch'i can indicate what fortune awaits you in your home, your life, as well as in your career and work place.

A basic example would be that the flow of Ch'i is impeded by clutter in your home or workplace. This hampering could result in blockages of opportunity and even good fortune. So a good practice would be to keep a clean and uncluttered home or workplace to enhance the flow of Ch'i.

The above is but only one way of inviting good fortune into your life and many more exists on the Internet so feel free to search the web for more Feng-Shui topics. You can also look at a few more books at

Author Bio:
N.G van der Westhuizen is a software developer currently working on an open source Lotto database application.

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