About SL4
SL4 is a Multi-Award Winning Lottery Database Application based on the South-African Lottery and U.K Lottery.

SL4 have been developed by N.G van der Westhuizen using Borland Delphi 5. Its development started out as a pet project and evolved into much more than just another Lotto application. Now SL4 is evolving even further from proprietary based into being Open Source based. This will enable users and developers to explore and learn from SL4 even further.
Download SL4 Source Code

Future of SL4
Because SL4 started out as a pet project, new code have been mixed with old code. Because of this, the code increased in complexity. But future developments of SL4 will correct this problem. Besides this, many features and capabilities are also being looked at for future developments of SL4.

SL4 Licence
The GNU General Public License (GPL)