Lotto Database Download Manager (Beta)

E.A.L Lotto Database Download Manager

Based upon the look and feel of the Lotto Database File Centre Addon, this application enables you to download the latest E.A.L Lotto Database files as they become available.

How to Download
To download an E.A.L Lotto database file can be done by selecting a file that is listed and then clicking on the Download button.

Special Notes:
Hopefully this application will work as it was intended. but if it is unable to download an E.A.L Lotto database file, please send an E-Mail saying what file you are trying to download, what Operating System you are running, as well as what type of Internet connection you are currently using. Then in future releases these problems will hopefully be sorted out.

More features will most likely be included in future releases, but for now be aware that it is only a Beta version.

Also note that only the E.A.L Lotto database files are downloaded and not the HTML files associated with Addons/Plugins. Obtaining the HTML files for E.A.L Addons/Plugins can be done by downloading the appropriate E.A.L Lotto database files HERE.

And finally, changing the download URL can be done by right clicking on the E.A.L Lotto Database file currently selected, and select to "Edit Download URL".

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