E.A.L Sudoku (v2.1)

Based on the popular game of Sudoku, E.A.L Sudoku is there to help you play & try and solve some games. Please note that E.A.L Sudoku does not yet have a generator, and the solver is a work in progress.

Basic Game Play
A Sudoku puzzle is a grid of nine by nine squares or cells that has been subdivided into nine subgrids or "regions" of three cells.

The objective of Sudoku is to enter a digit from 1 through 9 in each cell in such a way that:
    Each horizontal row contain each digit exactly once.
    Each vertical column contains each digit exactly once.
    Each subgrid or region contains each digit exactly once.

Choosing or entering numbers are done by clicking on the desired block/cell and selecting the numbers available.

If for some reason you have selected numbers and a possible solution does not exists, then the blocks/cells with no solution will be highlighted in red.

F1 to F9 Keys.
If you have selected "Show Labels" to be enabled, then pressing a specific key will remove that number from the available list to choose from. An example would be to move the mouse to a location and by pressing the F5 key will then remove the number 5 from the list of numbers to choose from. Pressing the F5 key again will restore the number 5 to the list.
Sudoku (v2.1):  Download
Basic E.A.L Sudoku Board
Sudoku Games

Games E.A.L Sudoku Supports thus far include:
  Original Sudoku   Download 1000 Sudoku Games
  Sudoku X (Diagonal Sudoku)   Download 1000 Sudoku X Games
  Geometry Sudoku (Geometry Number Place, Jigsaw, Kikagaku Nanpure)   Download 1000 Jigsaw Games
  Asterisk Sudoku   Download 1000 Asterisk Sudoku Games
  Girandola Sudoku   Download 1000 Girandola Sudoku Games
  Center Dot Sudoku   Download 1000 Center Dot Sudoku Games
  Windoku (Four-Box Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku)   Download 1000 Windoku Sudoku Games
  Sudoku-DG (Offset Sudoku)   Download 1000 Sudoku-DG Games
  Samurai Sudoku (High Five)   Download 1000 Samurai Sudoku Games
  Flower Sudoku   Download 1000 Flower Sudoku Games
  Sohei Sudoku (Ring, Diamond)   Download 1000 Sohei Sudoku Games
  Windmill Sudoku (Kazaguruma)   Download 1000 Windmill Sudoku Games
  Butterfly Sudoku (Gattai-Near-4)   Download 1000 Butterfly Sudoku Games
  Cross Sudoku   Download 1000 Cross Sudoku Games
  Gattai-3 (Triple Doku)   Download 1000 Gattai-3 Sudoku Games
  Twodoku (Sensei, Twins)   Download 1000 Twodoku Games
  DoubleDoku (Gattai-Near-2)   Download 1000 DoubleDoku Games
  Wing Sudoku   Download 1000 Wing Sudoku Games
  Gattai-8   Download 99 Gattai-8 Sudoku Games
  Shogun   Download 99 Shogun Sudoku Games
  Triple Doku   Download 1000 Triple Doku Games
Sudoku Layout Manager/Builder (v1.1)

With the E.A.L Sudoku Board Layout Manager you are now able to design your own Sudoku Boards.

Add Board
This will add a Sudoku Board to the work area for you to work with. For now there are no limits as to how many Sudoku Boards you can work with, but please keep in mind that more Sudoku Board might slow things down. And if there are any problems please let me know.

Deleting a specific Sudoku Board can be achieved by Right clicking the mouse on a specific Sudoku Board which will open up a menu for you to select to delete the selected Sudoku Board.

Save, Load
This will either Save or Load an E.A.L Sudoku file. Please note that if you open an E.A.L Sudoku file that has data present (A Loaded Game) then the data will be lost when saved.

Clear All
This will delete All Sudoku Boards and clear the work area.

This enables you to move Sudoku Boards around. (Drag & Drop)

Here you can change the look of the Sudoku Boards. See Below for more Information.
Draw Original Sudoku Grid
This toggles whether you want to use the Original Sudoku Grid, or change things up and design a Sudoku Jigsaw Board game type.

Enable Cell Colors
This enables you to fill selected Sudoku Board cells with color.

Quick Fill
Have this enabled if you want to fill a specific cell with the selected color. Clicking on the "Color" label will open up a Color Picker for you to work with.

Quick Border
Have this enabled alongside what border/edge you want to set for a specific cell.
This is where you get to set additional Regions to work with. Please See Sudoku Games above for examples.
Sudoku (v2.1):  Download
E.A.L Sudoku Registration F.A.Q
Is E.A.L Sudoku is now Totally Free?
Due to Digital River terminated registration services, I decided to make E.A.L Sudoku totally free. So enjoy and please share with everyone.

What do I get when registering E.A.L Sudoku?
You will receive a serial code for your generosity and support.
You will also get to save Sudoku games as well as have access to a few additional features like clearing, locking, and setting numbers.

Can E.A.L Sudoku help me solve games?
Yes, but please note that the current E.A.L Sudoku Solver is still a work in progress. Future versions of E.A.L Sudoku will see better solving techniques being introduced.

Does E.A.L Sudoku come with a generator?
Not yet, but hopefully future versions will see the introduction of a generator.

I have received my registration code, but nothing happens.
After you have obtained an E.A.L Sudoku Registration Code, enter it into the fields provided. After this have been done, close E.A.L Sudoku and run E.A.L Sudoku again for the Registration Code to take effect.

F11 Key.
This will restore all numbers on all Sudoku Boards.
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