SL5 - E.A.L
Extremely Awesome Lotto (E.A.L) is an international Lotto database application evolved from the Multi-Award winning software title SL4. Read More...
Last Update:2012-04-07  
E.A.L (v1.6) Download 3.1 MB

Lotto Databases    
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E.A.L Sudoku
Based on the popular game of Sudoku, E.A.L Sudoku is there to help you play & try and solve some games. Read More...
Last Update:2011-06-11  
Sudoku (v2.0) Download 280 KB
Multi-Award Winning Lottery Database Application based on the South-African Lottery and U.K Lottery. Read More...
Last Update: 2006-05-01  
SL4 (Final) Download 1.5 MB
Lotto Databases Download 126 KB   (Last & Final Update: 2009-12-26)
SL4 Source Code
The Borland Delphi 5 source code for SL4.
Last Update:2005-08-01  
Source Code Download 265 KB
SLX 3D Cube
An open source 3D Cube Screensaver.
Please also read the FAQ.
SLX Cube (v3) Download 331 KB
Source Code Download 99 KB
Lotto Scam Alert
If you do not have a ticket or did not enter, then how can it be that you have won?

Better yet, how did they find your E-Mail address?

Well it is all part of Internet scams where E-Mails are sent out to numerous people informing them they have won the Lotto, inherited money, or even asked for help in moving money between countries, etc.

This is all designed to extract information and money from unsuspecting individuals.
So please be watchful when receiving these types of E-Mails.

To find out more about Lotto and Internet Scams Click Here...