Make money from your Artwork

There are many ways for you to make money from your graphic software ranging from posters to promotional material. It may seem hard and expensive, but it is not. Mentioned below is but a few options to consider if you want to make some extra cash or even make a career out of this.

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Artworks & Posters
Many people are buying posters and even works of art for bedrooms, homes, offices, classrooms etc. You could do the same, all you need to do is design some. For example, above is some posters that I have made using Bryce. One major advantage you have here is that all you do is design it, you don't pay for anything else like paper, printer, ink, or anything else. Great!

Artworks & Posters (Step 1)
To start off get yourself a copy of Bryce. Then render a couple of great scenes you would like the world to see. Be creative and think of scenes like alien worlds and technology, battle scenes, mystic creatures, historic or futuristic events, inspirational thoughts, comedy, the list goes on.

Bryce: Unleash the Artist Within

Artworks & Posters (Step 2)
After you have created your works of art you need to promote it. The best way to do this is to signup as an artists here and submit your work. They get many visitors, so someone is bound to stumble upon your genius designs.
Artists Signup Here.

Artworks & Posters (Step 3)
Then if you have a website, you can make even more money by promoting your and other peoples posters/artwork. Example: if you have a design based upon alien worlds and technology, why not create a website about U.F.O's and aliens. Here you can sell posters and even books on the subject. But remember content is king.

Company Description Payout Info
Art Sell works of art. Much to choose from. up to 30% on sales Webmasters Make $$$
Posters Sell movie, music, sports, and other posters to your visitors. up to 30% on sales Webmasters Make $$$

Design Landscapes/Worlds
Again using Bryce you can be generous and design new worlds for people to use for there own artwork. This may not sound like a money making idea, but there is financial rewards as you can set the price for your design/creation.

Design Landscapes/Worlds (Step 1)
To start off get yourself a copy of Bryce then start designing. Now designing a new world is somewhat tricky as you will need to make the content rich and original. To get ideas on what worlds to design look at 'Artworks & Posters' above.

Design Landscapes/Worlds (Step 2)
After your masterpiece have been created and you are confident in its layout, it is time to promote it. Simply signup Here and upload your creation. Also look at 'Artworks & Posters (Step 3)' above for an additional way to earn money.

3D Modals/Objects and Materials
If you have an eye for detail and design, then what about creating 3D modals and Materials for Bryce. This can range from computers, boats, phones, vehicles, castles, planes, and the list goes on. As for materials it can be anything like metals, plastics, glass, paper, woods, rock, stones, etc. You can submit your creations Here.

3D Content for Art & Animation

Promotional Material
What about placing your cool designs on promotional materials like coffee mugs, clocks, etc. Again look at 'Artworks & Posters (Step 3)' above for additional notes. To start selling your promotional items please visit: CafePress

Freelance your skills
So you are confident in your creativity and design skills, then what about selling your skills. This can range from designing company logos, computer icons, animations, etc. For more info visit E-Lance

Render Farm
If all the above is not for you, but still enjoy computers and graphic software - then what about starting up a render farm? Here you can sell computer time to people and companies that need scenes rendered.

Bryce: Unleash the Artist Within

Author Bio:
N.G van der Westhuizen is a software developer currently working on an open source Lotto database application.

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