Winning at Roulette

So you tried winning the Lotto Jackpot and found out the odds are massively stacked against you. Now you are most likely thinking about trying your luck with Roulette. Fortunately the odds are better at 37 to 1 at winning Roulette and not millions as with Lotteries. Also with Roulette the payout is based on odds and not on a Jackpot pool.

Playing System
As stated above the odds are 37 to 1 on a single zero table.

One playing system you could try is to place a single Strait Bet and hope you win the maximum amount. This does not work well as there are other numbers just waiting around to be called.

To increase your odds of winning you can try and increase your betting amount to 4 Strait Bets as mentioned below.

The Numbers
Now you could select 4 random numbers for each spin and hope for the best, or you could play using the table below. You will notice that the last number in each group are the same as this will increase your odds to 10 to 1.

Group Nr.1 Nr.2 Nr.3 Nr.4
1 0 10 20 30
2 1 11 21 31
3 2 12 22 32
4 3 13 23 33
5 4 14 24 34
6 5 15 25 35
7 6 16 26 36
8 7 17 27 **
9 8 18 28 **
10 9 19 29 **
** Here you could select any other number.

The Grouping System
The way the above table works is as follow: You select a group and play those 4 numbers for one spin. Example: Say you select Group 4, then you place your bets on the following numbers 3, 13, 23, 33. If you win Great, if not then try again. Then for the next Spin you could try the same group again or select another group of numbers to play. Good Luck!

Responsible Gambling
Because the odds are in the houses favor, it is wise to keep the amount you bet to a minimum. So please do not blow everything on the first few spins. And finally, please test this and any other playing system out before playing for real money.

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