S.A Online Gambling Ruled as Illegal
In South-Africa, the Gauteng Gambling Board has said it is illegal to gamble online.
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This however is causing some confusion amongst gamblers regarding Lotto and Sport Betting online. After contacting some sites it seems that the ruling only applies to online gambling on interactive games only.

Phumelela have this response on their site: Read reply Here....

And then the National Lottery Operator in South-Africa (Gidani) replied as follow:
"Please note that the ruling will not have any effect on our on line services as Lotto is a game not gambling and we are not regulated by the Gauteng Gambling board. Further more Gidani The National Lottery's Operator, works in collaboration with the National Lotteries Board to ensure that the most effective service is offered to the South African players within the responsible gaming framework at all times. The National Lotteries Board is a body meant to regulate the Lotto industry within South Africa. The body acts as the Ombudsman for the Lotto industry."

So, until further notice from the Gauteng Gambling Board it would be wise to stop Casino gambling online, that is if you are South-African anyway. For international players it is business as usual.

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