SL4 is a multi-award winning open source 6/49 Lotto database application that is based on the South-African National Lottery which started on Saturday 11 March 2000. Your chances of winning a 6/49 Lottery Jackpot is about 13 983 816 to 1. But using SL4 might just increase your chances of winning.
SL4 Features include:
Winning Lotto Numbers Database.
Full SL4 Database Access.
Time-Line Graph of Lotto Numbers.
Drag and Drop Functionality.
Plus many more...
Lotto Number Analysis

  • Even / Odd Status.

  • Sum Values.

  • Matrix Offsets.

  • Previous Occurance Lookup.

  • incl. Lotto Ball Analysis.

SL4 Lotto Number Analysis Page
Lotto Number Statistics

  • Lotto Ball Lookup and statistics.

  • Machine, Ball set Lookup and statistics.

  • Even/Odd Lookup and statistics.

  • Sum Lookup and statistics.

  • incl. Matrix Offset Lookup and statistics.

SL4 Statistics Page
Check Winnings

  • Loading of Multiple Database Files.

  • Checking of numbers against multiple Lotto draw dates.

  • Enable/Disable functionality of Database Files.

  • Lookup of division winnings.

  • incl. Autosave of Database Files loaded.

SL4 Check Winnings Page
SL4 Generator

  • Generate numbers using multiple SL4 Rules.

  • Usage of SL4 BackBone or SL4 BackBone Inverted.

  • Even/Odd number generation.

  • Enabling of Random Number Limits.

  • incl. The testing out of numbers.

SL4 Generator Page
SL4 Database Builder

  • Ease of building your own Lotto Number Database.

  • Loading of Multiple Database Files.

  • Easy lookup of Lotto Numbers.

  • Graph to show your Lotto Number selections.

  • incl. A Quick Pick.

SL4 Database Builder Page

SL4 Awards

5 Stars Award at ! Editor's Choice Award at ! 5 out of 5: Brothersoft

5 STARS AWARD at Maxx Download! 5 STARS AWARD at! 5 stars award from

5 Stars Award at ! Trusted at Award at !

Listed on Euro Editors Choice at ! 5 Stars Award at

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SL4 Source Code

Visit South-African National Lottery Website.
Visit the U.K National Lottery Website.