Solving the World Economic Crisis: Part III

Here are a few thoughts to consider about the world we live in and the implications for future generations when it comes to financial security.

When we enter the world we basically have nothing, we have to seek out what we want to do and how are going to get what we need and require to survive this place. Some are lucky and they have parents to care for the immediate needs like food, clothes, a place called home, and an education up to a certain age in life when it is time to be more independent and self reliant.

Then there are the ones that need a bit more out of life as they don't seem to have the support structure in place to help them along in this world, it is for them that we must cater for as well to truly succeed as a species. Just think, one of them might be the next genius to cure an epidemic, create new energy resources, or something completely new to push our existence to the next level. All they may need is a good support system, a system that works.

Exit left, rinse and repeat
When we leave this life that we created for ourselves, it is sad to consider the fact that we are unable to take anything with us to our next life. The only thing that is capable of tagging along is the stuff we did to define our lives, this being the good and bad habits/actions that will define what will become of us in our next incarnation.

Now consider the fact that although we might not take anything with us, maybe we could restructure the world in such a way as to make our next incarnation a bit more convenient when it comes to our financial situation. Just think, you could incarnate to a wealthy country or to a less secure environment/life.

Think Big
It is amazing to see how nations fight over pieces of land and resource like they have some entitlement to them. It just shows how small and greedy our thinking is. We need to expand our vision of the world and universe.

Just look - we have an entire universe to explore and conquer, yet here we are still fighting over who owns what and who gets what. When will we learn about seeing the future in a different way and set ourselves up for success.

Will we keep on denying people of proper education or could we possibly give our species a better chance of survival. If money is a problem, change the system.

Do we really have to deny people proper health care, can we not care for our species like we should be doing. If money is a problem, change the system.

Do we really need to complain that sea levels are rising or could we start purifying sea water fit for human consumption. Then maybe also share some of that clean drinking water with people far away from suitable water resources. If money is a problem, change the system.

Do we really need to complain about housing issues or could we start building good quality homes for the homeless individuals and families. If money is a problem, change the system.

Will we keep on fighting over resources or could we possible start true space exploration. If money is a problem, change the system.

Do we really need the view that we have only one life to live or could we see beyond death and look at our next incarnation. Again, maybe we should set ourselves up for success, not just in this life but the next one as well.

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